Which One Should Have Your Heart?

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Niacinamide or Vitamin C: Which One Should Have Your Heart?

                                                     By Desire Uba (TIA'M Editor Crew) 


We love our multi-tasking ingredients like Vitamin C and Niacinamide, just like everyone else. If you’ve ever wanted to try skincare, you should have heard of these two powerful ingredients. 

However, you may not be sure which one is best for you - or if you just may be able to use both. Let’s figure that out, shall we?


Niacinamide and Vitamin C are both vitamins, which are essential molecules for our body’s health and immunity. 

Niacinamide, also known as Nicotinamide, is a form of Vitamin B3, which should not be confused with nicotinic acid, another form. Vitamin C is ascorbic acid, with various derivatives found in many skincare formulations.

While both can be gotten from food, this medium means that all your other organs mostly get the nutrient before your skin- if it ever does. Applying them to your skin helps them to work more directly and effectively on skin cells, giving the effect you want.


Do Niacinamide and Vitamin C have anything in common?

Yes, they do!

  • Apart from being vitamins, they are potent antioxidant molecules. This is a superb quality that every skin type needs because they fight against free radicals (bad things that can damage your skin cells, leading to faster ageing, hyperpigmentation, impaired skin barrier, and even skin cancer) that are produced in the body due to sun exposure, ageing, smoking, pollution, and stress.
  • Both of them cannot be produced by the body by itself. They need to be taken in via diet or supplementation.


Vitamin C - The Fighter

This is available in many forms, but the most potent form is the L- Ascorbic Acid, which is present in My Signature C Source. This is also formulated with ingredients to hydrate and reduce the risk of irritation on your skin.